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I called CF Plumbing, along with a few other companies, for a quote on a minor repair and drainage issues.  CF Plumbing was the only company to return my call and their quote was comparable to similar work I had done in past homes.

John, with CF Plumbing, came out the very next day.  He was very pleasant and charming.  He demonstrated his expertise while diagnosing the problems.  He worked quickly and efficiently.

After the work was completed I was charged less than I had been quoted.  I will definitely call CF Plumbing for any future repairs.
Kimberly G. San Diego, CA






Chris is absolutely fantastic!  We had a leaky kitchen faucet/hose that was flooding the cabinet under the sink.  Tons of other places we called were too busy to get back to us, or come out.  Chris called us back within 10 minutes, and showed up an hour and a half later completely fixed everything.  He even cleaned up all the water that had leaked and put everything back in the cabinet as it was.  All around a really cool guy that you don't mind having in your house.
N. H. Laguna Beach, CA

CF Plumbing has done major, sophisticated bathroom remodels (2), major kitchen remodel, within a wall drain obstruction that had to be located with a fiber optic cable video monitor, hot water heaters, and other items over the last 10 or more years at our home or in one of our 4 rental condos.  Very prompt response to emergency issues, very fair pricing (beats the big companies who have overhead to cover), complete clean up after, and all with excellent communication.  See one incredible example below.
We called Chris on a hot water heater issue late one evening and described the problem.  He said he could come out the next morning, but said "B, you are handy.  here is the likely problem and by doing XXX you could fix it"  He was right of course and it took me about 15 minutes (and no cost) to do the repair.  Another time one of our tenants called to say there was no hot water.  He sent someone out a couple of hours after contact and replaced the malfunctioning part and sent me a bill that was way below what one of the big guys would have charged.  GAs leak at one of our condos, immediate response and repair.  The major. complete change remodel to our master bath (moving walls, tub and shower, Neorest toilet (built in bidet with electric heaters and with remote control) was done while we were away; we had no worries because it was Chris.  The new several hundred pound (?400) jacuzzi tup (two person, two motors probably 8 or more plumbing connections) had to be brought up stairs and dropped into place with all pre-installed pipes perfectly lined up- for CF plumbing no problem.
Robert E., Del Mar






My neighbor and realtor both recommended CF Plumbing to me. I can see why, because Chris is a great plumber and very knowledgeable. He took his time to explain everything in detail and was very professional. He showed up on time, fixed several things in my bathroom and left it looking better than when he showed up. I am VERY happy with his work and prices. I would definitely use him again and highly recommend him. In fact, I will also be using him on my kitchen remodel.
Irene M. Del Mar, CA
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