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Unknown to most Americans, San Diego, which was reported as the 9th worst water quality in the country has drinking water with unhealthy levels of chemicals and contaminants. In fact, some organizations and state environmental agencies that collect and analyze water data say the level of chemicals in our drinking water not only exceeds recommended health guideline but the pollutants even exceed the limits set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the national legal authority in these matters. Furthermore, the chemicals and elements in the water can cause problems within your home’s plumbing system. Protect yourself and enjoy clean water at every tap in your home. PuraClean Water uses the latest technology to purify water without using salts or other chemicals that can further damage the environment and the supply of clean water we all need. Our systems are ecologically friendly because they don't waste water or electricity. Depending on your needs, we offer cartridge filters, reverse osmosis units, whole-house water filtration, non-chemical devices, and so much more. For more information visit 
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